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You can buy with confidence knowing that you are dealing directly with the team that will be installing your door. We offer a personalised service that ensures you can contact us at any time should you require our help.
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Garage Doors in Sydney

Here at Genie Garage Doors, we understand just how stressful driving through traffic can be.

You certainly don’t want to spend additional time getting in and out of your vehicle to open and close your garage door! Thanks to our huge range of reliable garage doors, you can make coming back home an easier experience at the end of a long day. From Newcastle to Wollongong to Canberra and everywhere in between, we are available in every suburb at your request.

To enjoy the convenience and durability of our Australian made products for yourself, get in touch today. We can set up a complimentary measure and quote for your garage to protect your home and family. Our quotes are completely obligation-free.

You can buy with confidence knowing that you are dealing directly with the team that will be installing your door. We offer a personalised service that ensures you can contact us at any time should you require our help.

With more than a decade of experience under our belt, we have been able to stock quality garage doors for commercial and residential use. The garage doors & door openers that we install are made using top-quality materials and the latest design components. Whether you own a Victorian home or a contemporary-styled home, our garage doors can enhance your home’s value and design. Not just that! They can also add a new dimension to your property. So what are you waiting for? Browse through our range to know more about our products.

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Automate your existing door or replace your motor for $500 + gst.



Automate your existing door or replace your motor for $650 + gst.



Automate your existing door or replace your motor for $500 + gst.



Automate your existing door or replace your motor for $650 + gst.


Garage Door Specialists Sydney

What makes Genie Garage Doors your top pick for all your garage door needs in Sydney cannot be summed up in a single reason. But if we had to, we’d say it’s our exceptional customer service, top-quality products and safe installation procedure. We boast a team of trained technicians that have immense knowledge about different kinds of garage doors and do everything they can to help clients pick the best garage doors for their requirements.

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    Quality Garage Doors in Sydney

    Your home’s garage door makes for almost 40% of your home’s facade. Yes, that’s right! It’s one of the first things that people notice about your property. This means it’s an important part of your home’s curb appeal, and you cannot take it for granted.

    When choosing a professional company for garage door installation, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. With so many suppliers to choose from, the search for quality garage doors in Sydney can become confusing. But not anymore. At Genie Garage Doors, you can expect nothing but the best quality garage doors manufactured by the leading names in the Australian Market. From elegant looking sectional garage doors to roller garage doors, we stock an extensive selection of garage doors that are backed up with a 5-year warranty. Our range combines secure, smooth and reliable garage door control with our warranty peace-of-mind. We also have public liability insurance to ensure you have absolutely nothing to worry about when you work with us.

    We are able to offer highly competitive prices when compared to other brands in the business. Also, did we tell you that we are happy to offer you a free, no-obligation quote so that you can compare prices and choose what’s best for you?

    When you hire us for garage door installation in Sydney, you get quality service from technicians that are Health & Safety compliant and get the job done the correct way


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    Long-Lasting And Cheapest Garage Doors In Sydney

    garage doors in SydneyAre you looking for cheap and durable Garage doors services in Sydney? Garage doors are essential in today’s world. No house can be safe without a garage door. Garage doors in Sydney help to use your garage for many purposes. You can use it to park your cars safely, or you can use it as a storage area for your tools and other items you may need from time to time. If you have installed the right garage door, your garage is not safe. Anyone can enter your garage and eventually enter your home.

    Garage doors in Sydney are designed to meet a wide range of needs. They are designed to fit in different areas. You can choose any garage door according to your needs. There are many options you can use. This is a modern world with a solution to all the problems. You can easily find a good garage door that will effectively meet all your needs and cost you.

    Years ago, garage doors were less trustworthy because they needed more maintenance. They had to be used by hand, and there were many other problems. Users of garage doors have always had a problem because it is not an easy task to hire a garage door repair company. Resources were not as they are these days. Many features added to the garage door manufacturers are eliminating all these problems and making the garage door service Sydney friendly. Friendly and straightforward garage doors are now being made in days. Garage doors are effortless and easy to use. It can be said that garage doors nowadays are much better and have all the features needed. You can use different garage doors that can be operated manually or automatically. Both types are very easy to use and fix.

    Automatic garage doors have mechanical systems connected to electrical devices. They can be operated by pressing buttons. Garage doors have special equipment that allows them to be used remotely. They can work with wireless remotes. When you return to your place, you can press a button, and by the time you get to the front of your house, the garage door will open. You should not wait for it to open or get out of your car to unlock it. Everyone these days uses automatic garage doors as they are reliable and inexpensive. Genie Garage Doors offers durable and cheap garage doors Sydney. They also provide you with permanent maintenance so that the garage doors stay in working order. You do not have to pay much for regular maintenance.

    Roller garage doors are the same as sectional garage doors Sydney. The fundamental contrast is the requirement for a specific headroom inside the garage, notwithstanding the entryway opening. This is because the door slides inside the drum over the garage door’s opening. As a sectioned door, there is no need to allow any room inside or outside to operate the door. Also, roller doors are usually automatic.

      garage door service SydneyIf a traditional look is needed for a garage door, then hanging garage doors is a common solution. For those people, the image that is most important to them, a wooden door hanging on the side, is essential. Also, with seasonal designs, this type of garage door will be more in line with the look of the space than with a new metal or GRP style door. Doors hanging from the sides can be installed directly on a brick or wooden frame.

      The last type of door we consider is the most common up and over garage door. They are made from all three common materials used in garage door construction: timber, steel, and GRP. More and more garage doors can be automated or manually operated, offering additional options. Importantly, cheap garage doors Sydney are easy to install and operate.

      custom garage doors SydneyHere at Genie Garage Doors, we understand how difficult it can be to drive across Sydney traffic. You certainly do not want to spend too much time getting in and out of your car to open and close your garage door! Thanks to our extensive list of reliable garage doors, Sydney residents can make their return home easier at the end of a long day. We are found in every suburb from Penrith to Randwick and everywhere in between.

      To enjoy the simplicity and durability of our products personally, contact us today. We can set the corresponding rate quoted in your garage to protect your home and family. We can also customise doors, especially for customers who want something different or need a door designed to fit their needs. Contact us and explain your needs.

      cheap garage doors SydneyCheap Garage Doors Service Sydney

      Garage door installation Sydney has been dedicated to supplying, installing, and repairing garage doors throughout Sydney for two years. Following its inception, Genie Garage Doors also established a network of resellers to service nearby rural areas, making Genie Garage Doors’ range available to residents and business owners beyond the city.

      With an emphasis on manufacturers and property holders and a thorough scope of models to browse, it’s no big surprise that Genie Garage Doors is the organisation customers trust regarding garage door replacement Sydney.

      New Garage Doors Sydney

      A full range of Genie Garage Doors products for garage doors is available. In particular, our Sydney branch delivers garage doors, and we make these products available throughout Sydney.

      sliding garage doors SydneyOur range of garage door openers Sydney includes component doors and roller coasters for Sydney residents who want to easily enter their homes with a reliable and flexible range of automatic products.

      Our talented Sydney team is also able to handle repairs to garage doors. If an accident or unpredictable weather for NSW caused damage to your door, rely on Genie Garage Doors for quick and affordable repairs. We offer competitive prices for a quality garage door built to last – you will use your garage door almost every time you use your car, so you are looking for something that can last a long time.

      Types of garage doors available in Sydney

      The work of the sliding garage doors Sydney will never be underestimated; garage doors play a significant role in any garage. Doors allow easy entry and exit, and most importantly, lock the garage safely and effectively when not in use. Garage doors are also part of the appeal of decorating the garage and surrounding area of ​​the home or office. Poorly designed or improperly installed garages doors often result in an improper work environment and make entry and exit difficult work. Therefore, it is always essential to ensure that the doors meant for the garage are suitable for the appropriate functions.

      Genie Garage Doors comes with a wide and varied selection; each department is ready for a specific task. Garage doors are also available for use in most situations in the community; this will include domestic and industrial use. The availability of multiple options is always helpful because the customer will always have a stock garage door that fits easily in any garage. In addition to the custom garage doors Sydney, tailor-made doors are available. These garage doors are customised to suit unique and specific applications; such special applications include opening a garage with different meanings or a customer who wants to add a different touch to the garage.

      sectional garage doors SydneyGarage doors are manufactured using various materials; used materials are inspected and proven to be safe and healthy for human and environmental use. The materials used by Genie Garage Doors are also authentic to provide longer service life. Galvanised iron, Aluminum, stainless steel, and some other materials are used to make garage doors.

      We also ensure that the latest styles and designs are used in the engineering departments; this further enhances the artistic appeal of the custom garage doors Sydney, thus making the door more pleasing to the eye. Doors are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and design, thus producing ergonomically designed and easy-to-use doors.

      In line with meeting customer expectations and coming up with the most convenient garage door, Genie Garage Doors comes with various options for opening and closing. Genie Garage Doors uses a logical approach to developing the best garage door to provide the best and easiest service.

      new garage doors SydneySliding garage doors Sydney come as a basic garage door that opens and closes by hand; Garage doors are operated electronically with a switch installed near the garage, and automatic garage doors operated by a mobile remote control are also available. Garage doors are sturdy solid doors that open like a single solid unit or enclose garage doors. The garage use departments in Sydney have been rigorously tested under various extreme conditions to determine its operational suitability. It ensures that garage doors withstand adverse weather conditions and keep the invader at bay.

      Selecting the Perfect Garage Doors

      If you need to maximise the value of your home, you will find that garage doors are a straightforward and competitive way to increase the value of your home. Specially designed garage doors can also be manufactured. Garage doors come in various styles, i.e., Reversible, Overhang Side, and Pivoted sectional garage doors Sydney. When closed space in your garage is a problem, section garage doors are the right choice.

      Today, you will discover that remote control doors with a mechanical device are considered a highly usable garage. The most prominent style is the upper garage door. An essential concern in arranging your garage door are the materials used. Choosing the best garage door accessories to suit your needs will depend on a few factors, such as the style of your home and how much you like your garage to be warm. There are three essential elements of garage door development: Wood, Steel and Fiberglass (GRP).

      automatic garage doors SydneyIf you want to install the new garage doors Sydney, you must pay attention to the type of door and building materials. You can also include things like warm garages or special window options in your setting. With the planned setup, people find the garage doors easier to use, with some advanced features and security. The garage doors above are lined with a folding frame. The door goes up and stays at the top of the garage. The above department emphasises what you should look for: smooth, calm, and reduced.

      New garage doors Sydney tend to be extra due to their presence and considerations beyond their durability. At the doors of the board, the builders inserted the cut boards into rectangles. Slab contraction joints should intersect at the openings for columns.

      With no artwork or remodelling needs, metal doors are a chance to keep the quality that will keep your home looking like la mode. Nowadays, most metal garage doors are flammable metal-dipped vinyl clad or given heat to finish polyester. They should not rust or need repainting like wooden doors. The most important point of metal garage doors is that they make the wood look real without care. The glass cabinet door has been a common sight for almost a decade. The only drawback is the metal doors they mark and may be difficult to repair. The premium door usually has two crawls, filled separately, and is fitted with 24-gauge steel. The ridiculous doors are always small and are made of 28 check pieces. Thus iron provides a legal advantage over wood; it requires little and requires very little support and can look exactly like wood.

      garage doors sydney pricesGarage Doors in Sydney Designed According to Your Needs

      Garage doors have been in use for centuries, but garage doors that are now manufactured for days are the best. They have all the features needed for such a design. Previously they were designed using very heavy metal and had to be opened and closed by hand. It was not a good idea, but it had to be done because there was no other way to do it. Now things have changed a lot. Many new styles have been introduced and have entirely changed the look of garage doors.

      Garage doors are now very easy to use because they are lightweight materials for easy use. Automatic garage doors Sydney are becoming obsolete due to the introduction of automatic garage doors. Different types of automatic garage doors exist. Such efficient and reliable garage doors are manufactured now with zero maintenance and have many additional features. These features ensure the safety and security of users.

      commercial garage doors SydneyThese garage doors have sensors that can hear the car. If you exit the garage and accidentally press the lock button, you will stop going down when you get closer to the garage door. This feature prevents many accidents. Security features have been added to garage doors, such as alarms and personal alert systems. If you are a single user of your garage door, you can use a security alarm that will turn on when someone else tries to open it. The same is true of the alert.

      You can use a fingerprint scanner to install fingerprints for all garage users. If someone tries to turn it on, the security alarm will go off. These features give you a sense of security and security in your hand. These systems are very easy to install and connected to all garage doors. They are like security features that help to make places safer.

      Automatic garage doors Sydney are also very common nowadays. They operate the wireless remote. They can be operated remotely, so there is no need to leave your car while entering or leaving your garage. The way things are going, it seems that after some time, the garage doors will be very smart and will have a lot of features that are not there now.

      garage doors Sydney northern beachesGetting New Garage Doors

      If the doors of your garage are moving, falling apart, or you often have trouble lifting when you want, it is time to buy new ones. Buying them may be a little confusing; you have many options and things to consider. Here is a quick guide to finding what you need. Moreover, garage doors Sydney prices are affordable.

      · Size Matters

      To begin with, you want to realise what size you can purchase. The ideal way to discover is to analyse your old one. The twofold is generally double the width, making them around 16 or 18 feet wide. This is a common principle; however, there is no industry standard, so measure your own, which will be your aide.

      · Insulated or Not?

      Unlocked garage doors offer better features than usual. Not only did they reduce your energy bill, but they also transformed the garage into a normal part of the house. If you use it as a playground or workplace, you should consider getting insulation. If it is just a place to park cars and garbage that you do not use, take things not included. Insulation is a special feature that will increase the price slightly, so get it only if you need it.

      tilt garage doors Sydney· Steel vs. Wood

      It is essential to decide whether you would like the natural beauty of the wood or the efficiency of the metal. Wood is attractive, stylish, and has many design options, but it is well-designed. You should paint it every year and look at it to get cracks. Although beautiful, the planks will cost less over time. The metal is light and slightly polished, but it does not look so good. It is a decision between beauty and simplicity.

      · Design Features

      This might be a good time to give your home a new look as you upgrade. You have many options, including window placement, finish, and colour. You can also enjoy the new features offered by the latest remote control models. You can get a small remote control that fits your key ring. New security features include “folding” codes that are constantly changing, making it impossible for anyone to log in.

      · Where to Buy

      Commercial garage doors Sydney come with a wide and varied selection; each department is ready for a specific task. Garage doors are also available for use in most situations in the community; this will include domestic and industrial use. The availability of multiple options is always helpful because the customer will always have a stock garage door that fits easily in any garage.

      When the doors of your garage are about to collapse in your house, this is an excellent time to find something new that will enhance the look of your home.

      garage door openers SydneyCustom Garage Doors Sydney: Features That Matter Most

      There are various garage door insulation Sydney, so you will want to consider your options carefully. Not only do you have a lot of safety and security functions to choose from, but you will also need to sort out many styles and materials to find the right one. Here are four key factors to consider.

      · Functions

      Garage doors Sydney northern beaches have many more functions than just opening and closing. Many have advanced security features like codes and default systems closed due to lack of duration and practical options such as automatic headlights and key receiver installation. What additional functions you will need depends on your needs and the location of the garage. If the area is less secure, investing in a quality system with many security features is better. If you have kids or precious pets in your home, you will want to make sure you get one that will stop emergencies with moving nerves.

      · Style

      There are several styles that many garage doors Sydney Northern Beaches come in, including roller, single panel, and sectional. What building materials you want, the size of your garage and the safety features you want will help determine what door style is right for your garage. Not all doors can be included in all frames, and some will not work with certain security features.

      garage door installation Sydney· Material

      It is important that you carefully consider what material you would like as it could significantly impact longevity, safety, beauty, and the required maintenance of tilt garage doors Sydney. Wood is often the preferred choice because of its aesthetic appeal. However, while attractive and flexible, wooden garage doors require a lot of care and can be damaged by weather or severe impact.

      They are also subject to decay and deterioration, which may need to be replaced. Steel doors are less expensive and durable as they are easier to clean, but they are limited in appearance and can rust. Recently, steel car doors are gaining popularity as they are made of steel but have vinyl and other materials placed on top to give the appearance of a wooden door.

      · Appearance

      The door to your garage should not be an eye. Whether you choose metal, wood, or other material as your base, you still have a few beauty options to choose from. Most people want their garage door aligned with their home, so adding a few extra features and touches can greatly add value and beauty. The decision and colour should match or match your home. You can also consider additional features such as windows, stained glass, tile designs, or moulded pieces to add a different touch.

      garage door replacement Sydney· Durability

      If you live in a cool area with few weather problems, you will not have to worry about staying that long. Depending on strength, the garage doors Sydney Northern Beaches that should survive cold winters, heavy rains, hail, extreme heat, or a small reckless drive should be selected. Steel, single panel doors can withstand many dings and be repaired without much hassle, while the wood will suffer greatly under humidity.

      Get in Touch

      At Genie Garage Doors, we are a reputed manufacturer and supplier of durable garage doors specialising in all types of garage doors. We provide the best garage door service Sydney at affordable rates. For more information and detail, contact us by calling us at 0435 128 222 or sending an email at info@geniegaragedoors.com.au.